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Academic Excellence

Discovery and Learning

At A'Kelynn's Christian Academy, we believe that an effective education doesn’t just come from memorizing or lecturing. Active participation in the learning process entails analyzing, discussing, and collaborating - to comprehend and retain. All of our courses are designed to encourage deep mental processing and student engagement with the class material.


The Abeka curriculum, published by Pensacola Christian College, is the primary base of our school materials for communication arts( a strong phonics-based program), math, science, history, geography, and health. This curriculum integrates academic development (with God at the center of each course) with Christian character building ( to obey, do right, and love God and country).

The Pace of Tomorrow curriculum will also be provided. Each child will be tested to determine which level of the curriculum will be best for the learning environment.

AACA will provide an education that gives students a biblical worldview. Students spend time each day in prayer, study, and the memorization of Scripture. Students will participate in chapel each week.

Students must demonstrate an appropriate degree of success in the classroom to be given opportunities to participate in other aspects of school life.

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