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A'Kelynn's Dress Code

Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Since AACA WILDCATS believes in students' growth and development, we believe it is beneficial to have all students dress in uniforms to understand the value of self-image.


Students are to wear A'Kelynn's Polo Shirt Monday through Thursday and A'Kelynn's T-Shirt is only for Fridays.

Students must wear khaki or navy bottoms Monday-Friday.

Girls are to wear A'Kelynn's skirts every Wednesday for Chapel. Boys must wear long navy or khaki pants every Wednesday for Chapel.

We also have A'Kelynn's sweat jackets(hoodies) and cardigans available.

Students will only be allowed to wear an A'Kelynn's sweat jacket(hoodie) or cardigan.

We will have a dress-down fundraiser, where students will be allowed to wear jeans.

The dress-down fundraiser will be announced in the monthly newsletter via Gradelink.

Dress Code: Activities
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